FC Holden Restoration
1959 One Owner Classic Holden FC

This story starts back in 1959 when this 2 tone grey Holden FC Special Sedan rolled off the GMH production line in Adelaide. 

The car was soon delivered to the new owners George and Elsie Maggs via a local holden dealer.  Original purchase price was around one thousand pounds.

Used as a daily driver, caravan tow car and general family car, it served its purpose well until late 70's. 

At this time the car had a rest in the shed due to some rust problems in the floor pan.  The new family car was a HJ Holden with 253 V8

My earliest memories are in the early 80's when Grandad (George) used to reverse the car out of the shed and run the motor to keep the systems fresh.  Due to the seats being removed for floor repairs, we had to sit on Oil drums as seats.

I affectionitly remember the FC as the "old bomb" and ever since a little kid wanted to do something special with this car.

Late 2008 we started slowly to get the project underway.  Easter 2009 the project was pushed into full speed when it was relocated from Uranquinty (near Wagga NSW) to Adelaide.  A full restoration is planned with the final result being a neat and tidy car that closely resembles the car that rolled off the production line back in 1959.